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Entertainment and Night Life
Bangkok is a great place for entertainment and night life. There are many categories to enjoy yourself in this city and here are some of them.

Beer Bars:
A lot of bars selling drinks (mostly beer) and there are music and bar girls to chat and entertain you. The drinks are not expensive.

A-Go-Go Bars:
In-door, air-conditioned bar with comfortable seats or stools, most of tourists prefer to drink beer or whisky, chat with bar girls, and see a lot of A Go-Go dancing. Normally the drink list and prices are shown. Sometime visitor ask for the price of drinks first. Generally it is very reasonable.

The English style pubs are popular among businessman, tourists, and foreigners. Many pubs are in the hotels and several Thai pubs are located in Bangkok.

Cocktail Lounge:
Most of cocktail lounges welcome any visitors no matter whether they are member or not. Receptionists and PR girls are normally assigned to welcome you, and hostesses are to accompany you and be sure she can speak English.

Cocktail lounges offers easy chair and live band to make the customer feel relaxed. The standard is better than the bars and it is, of course, more expensive.

There are many discotheques, either in the hotels,or in huge cavernous halls around the city. Laser technology and superb hit sounds, and music by DJs are very exciting.

Massage Parlours:
There are two types of massage parlours. The "modern" and the "ancient". The modern massage parlour offers regular massage and body massage. The ancient style massage is designed to give the body a thorough working over, from head to toe. For those who have back problems please be careful with the ancient massage.

Music Lovers and Live Bands:
For those who like the romantic climate, or to enjoy the music with dimly lit atmosphere, it is advisable to go to hotels and good restaurants, and sometimes the lobby lounge of first class hotels.

Drinking and singing "Karaoke-style" among friends and with hostesses is very popular among Japanese and Thai people. Several cocktail and Karaoke lounges have common room and private rooms for this enjoyment with TV or large projector screen.

Cabaret Shows:
Cabaret shows are available in the hotels and in special cabaret theater.

Escort Service:
In many tour and guide magazines available at hotel, you will find advertising on guide and escort services. Please check for details before committing to the service.

Source: Bangkoksite.com

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