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What To Buy in Bangkok
Put simply, what isn't there to buy? From ornate teak curiosities to red hot contemporary fashions, tacky crop tops to the latest Lamborghini Diablo, there is very little you can't find here. And just because modern Bangkok has a wealth of international brands doesn't always mean you have to pay first-world prices. Call us biased, but in our opinion Bangkok is among the best places on earth to bag a bargain!

In this section find out all you need to know about all the things your baht can buy, from the most humble household item and the finest length of silk to the most extravagant status symbols.

Mobile Phones
Staying in touch while you're traveling is crucial. You don't want to miss out on any news from home, and mobile phones offer a quick and easy means to keep friends, family and business contacts up-to-date while you're on the move.

Furnitures and Home Decor
The fine craftsmanship and innovative design of the East have long been admired, and Thailand - together with Indonesia and Bali - have taken the lead with beautifully hand-crafted furniture and decorative items.

Computers and Audivisual
A wide range of computer products, audiovisual equipment and related paraphernalia can be found at Bangkok's numerous IT and Electronic malls and outlets, and sometimes at jaw-dropping low prices.

Fabric and Textiles
Whether you're looking for fabric for a new outfit or curtains, or ready-made gift items for your loved ones at home, you'll be thrilled with the endless selection Bangkok has to offer. Everything from shimmering Thai silk and pure cottons to exotic batik sarongs are readily available at Pahurat Textile Market, Thailand's largest fabric market.

Reasonably priced, high quality and 'ready in 24 hours' sounds a bit unrealistic? Not when you're in Bangkok. Ranked high on most visitors' must-buy lists, tailor-made clothing is an excellent choice, especially when you can't seem to find a perfect fit in ready-to-wear shops.

Looking for that perfect piece of jewellery to complement your recently-bought dress? Well, look no further. Bangkok has long been hailed as a jewellery destination of choice with quality and uniquely designed products offered at competitive prices.

Antiques and Collectables
Home to fine craftsmanship and exceptional quality antiques, Thailand's always been a treasure trove for antique aficionados around the world. Since authentic Thai antiques are both rare and expensive, many antique stores in Bangkok stock both genuine antiques and more modern reproductions intended for less discerning shoppers.

Wholesale Shopping
Veteran retailers far and wide beat a path to Bangkok for an unrivaled wholesale shopping experience, which roughly translates to unbeatable bargains. Thanks to relatively low manufacturing and labour costs, coupled with government-initiated tax breaks, many types of merchandise are sold here much cheaper than many other places.

Fashion and Clothing
Bangkok has shed its reputation for merely offering bargain clothing and fake merchandise or apparel at the city's numerous markets and street vendors. The Thai capital has emerged as a truly hip fashion hub in Asia, setting new parameters for the trendy and style-savvy, and everybody else who wants to sport the latest and greatest.

Thai Crafts in Bangkok
With skills that are passed down from one generation to the next, the art of Thai crafts has long been a reflection of Thai people's creativity and ingenuity. The intricate detail and meticulous methods is a display of inventiveness, and the elaborate designs proof of perseverance which is beautiful and inexpensive.

Source: Bangkok.com

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